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Vigil Focused Mission of Opportunity (VFMO)

2023 Heliophysics Space Weather Focused Mission of Opportunity


Vigil Earth-Sun points

This solicitation is for a Principal Investigator (PI)-led Heliophysics Space Weather Science Program (SWSP) Focused Mission of Opportunity (FMO) investigation for a remote sensing extreme ultraviolet (EUV) imager instrument to be hosted on the European Space Agency (ESA) Vigil mission. Vigil is an ESA Space Safety Programme space weather mission to observe the Sun from the Sun–Earth Lagrange point L5. The Vigil mission will complement measurements made from the Lagrange point L1 by providing a view of the Sun away from the direct Sun–Earth line. This will give visibility of the propagation of plasma clouds emitted by the Sun toward Earth, as well as views of the solar disk before it rotates into view from Earth. The Vigil mission will carry out heliospheric imaging of the space between the Sun and Earth, monitoring of the solar disc and corona, and carry out measurements of the interplanetary medium. To achieve these objectives the Vigil mission will carry different types of remote sensing and in-situ instruments: coronagraph, heliospheric imager, magnetograph, magnetometer, and plasma analyzer.

  • September 15, 2022 ... The 2023 Heliophysics Space Weather Focused Mission of Opportunity Community Announcement can be found on the Announcements page.
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