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Agency-Wide Documents

  1. NASA Policy Directives (NPD)
    1. NPD 1001.0D NASA 2022 Strategic Plan
    2. NPD 2521.1B Communications and Material Review
    3. NPD 1360.2B Initiation and Development of International Cooperation in Space and Aeronautics Programs
  2. NASA Procedural Requirements (NPRs)
    1. NPR 7120.5F NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements
    2. NPR 7123.1C NASA Systems Engineering Processes and Requirements
    3. NPR 7150.2D NASA Software Engineering Requirements
    4. NPR 8705.4A Risk Classification for NASA Payloads
    5. NPR 2810.1F Security of Information Technology
    6. NPR 2200.2E Requirements for Documentation, Approval and Dissemination of Scientific and Technical Information
  3. NASA Plans
    1. NASA Plan for Increasing Access to the Results of Scientific Research
  4. NASA Technical Standard
    1. NASA-STD-1006A Space System Protection Standard and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Protecting SMD Spaceborne Assets
  5. NASA Special Publications (SPs)
    1. NASA-SP-2016-6105.Rev2 NASA Systems Engineering Handbook
    2. NASA-SP-20210023927 NASA WBS Handbook

Science Mission Directorate-Specific Documents

  1. Science 2020-2024: A Vision for Scientific Excellence, Year 2021-2022 Update
  2. NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Class-D Tailoring/Streamlining Decision Memorandum
  3. Science Mission Directorate Policy Documents (SPDs)
    1. SPD-39 Science Mission Directorate Policy: SMD Standard Mission Assurance Requirements For Payload Classification D
    2. SPD-26B Policy and Requirements for SMD Communications for Flight Missions
    3. SPD-29 Policy and Requirements for SMD External Web sites
    4. SPD-41a Scientific Information policy for the Science Mission Directorate
    5. SPD-33 Citizen Science
  4. Strategy for Data Management and Computing for Groundbreaking Science 2019 - 2024

Heliophysics Division-Specific Documents

  1. Heliophysics Division Science Data Management Policy Version 2.1

Program-Specific Documents

  1. ESA Vigil-Applicable Documents
    1. Vigil Mission Objectives and Payload Description
    2. Vigil NIO Requirements Document
    3. Addendum to the NIO IRD
    4. Vigil Interface Requirements Document Version 1.1
  2. Living With a Star Program Plan
  3. Program Level Requirements Appendices (PLRAs)
    1. The Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON)
    2. Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS)
  4. Mission Definition Requirements Agreement (MDRA)
    1. Mission Definition Requirements Agreement (MDRA)

AO References

  1. TRL 6 Documents
    1. TRL 6 Example
    2. An Example of Demonstrating Systems Level TRL
    3. Assessment of TRL in AO-Based Evaluations and Common Causes of Major TRL Weaknesses
  2. Budgeting information
    1. NASA 2022 New Start Inflation Index for FY 2023 Use
    2. Microsoft Excel Versions of the Template Tables in the AO
      • Table B1: Example Science Traceability Matrix
      • Table B2: Example Mission Traceability Matrix
      • Table B3a: Total Mission Cost RY$ Profile Template
      • Table B3b: Total Mission Cost FY$ Profile Template
      • Table B5: Master Equipment List
  3. Project Protection Plan (PPP) Documents
    1. PPP Template
    2. MRPP.CPS.20201216 Candidate Protection Strategies
  4. CUI Portion Marking Sample
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