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TEAMING INTEREST LIST: Geospace Dynamics Constellation (GDC)

Geospace Dynamics Constellation (GDC)

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The following list of organizations have expressed an interest in teaming with other organizations on LWS proposals to explore the complex and time varying interplay of the Sun and Earth which affects human activity. This is simply a list of organizations that have asked to be included on this list and no investigation has been accomplished by NASA to verify any of the listed information such as areas of expertise or their capabilities for teaming. Proposing organizations are not required to team with any organization on this list. It is simply provided as a forum for the community to use in matching expertise needs with sources. NASA does not endorse any of these organizations and does not accept responsibility for their capabilities or actions.
Date of Initialization: September 17, 2020

Deep Space Systems Inc
8100 Shaffer Pkwy, Unit 130
Littleton, CO 80123
Phone: 720-520-3896
Contact: Steve Price, VP of Strategy and Bus Dev
Areas of Expertise: DSS is AS9100 certified and vertically integrated to execute the complete product life-cycle. We provide cameras for Orion, Dream Chaser and classifieds mission. We provide the mission critical elements for NASA's LOFTID mission. Our in-house test capabilities include shock, thermal vacuum, and vibration testing. We are also equipped to do RF sensitivity testing and optical calib. testing.

Argotec Inc.
180 McCormick Drive, Suite 350
Largo, Maryland 20774
Phone: +39 0117650567
Contact: Chiara Piacenza
Areas of Expertise: Argotec Inc. masters the ability to develop state-of-the-art electronics with highly skilled expertise gained working on deep space micro-satellite (ArgoMoon on Artemis-1, LICIACube on DART). Our experience includes design of high-performance On-board Computers and high-efficiency, high-reliability Electric Power Systems, as well as interfacing with digital sensors and data processing with FPGAs.

Space Exploration Engineering, LLC
324 Main Street #173
Laurel, MD 20725-0173
Phone: 410-807-3982 (office)    650-567-6576 (cell)
Contact: John P. Carrico, Jr.
Areas of Expertise: SEE provides analyses to evaluate an instrument's performance over an orbit incorporating magnetospheric and ionospheric models as well as radiation impacts. We can model spacecraft attitudes and provide data on how an instrument is aligned with magnetic fields during the orbit, as an example. Our analyses also can inform operations planning giving times over particular regions of interest.

Ball Aerospace
1600 Commerce Street
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Phone: 303-939-5027 (office)    303-886-2797 (cell)
Contact: Nicole Duncan, Ph.D.
Areas of Expertise: Ball Aerospace has extensive experience in the fabrication, assembly, test and calibration of a broad range of scientific payloads, including optical (ultraviolet to infrared), RF, and in situ instruments. For COSMIC-2, Ball partnered with the Ion Velocity Meter (IVM) provider to build, test and deliver five of the six IVMs, including integration of ten sensor heads from the instrument provider.

L3Harris Technologies Inc.
400 Initiative Drive
Rochester, NY 14606-0488
Phone: 585-269-6157
Contact: Brandon Migdal
Areas of Expertise: L3Harris is an agile technology leader, delivering end-to-end solutions for our customers' greatest challenges. L3Harris has the expertise and facilities for all aspects of design, fabrication, integration and test of satellites, payloads and components. L3Harris has partnered with NASA for more than 60 years - most currently on the Optical Telescope Assembly for the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope.

Quartus Engineering Incorporated
9689 Towne Centre Drive
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 858-875-6061
FAX: 858-875-6001
Contact: Alexander Cheff Halterman, Director of Technical Program Development
Areas of Expertise: Quartus is a complete solution provider, specializing in simulation driven engineering for mechanical/optical systems from prototypes to space flight hardware. Quartus applies broad capabilities in system design & development, simulation & analysis, and AI&T for a wide range of industries and applications, including remote sensing instruments for NASA LaRC, such as SAGE IV, DEMETER, and ARCSTONE.

Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL)
1695 N. Research Parkway
North Logan, UT 84341
Phone: 435-713-3530
FAX: 435-713-3001
Contact: Trent Newswander, Sensor Systems Branch Head
Civil Space Division, SDL
Areas of Expertise: USU Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) has a long history of involvement in successful NASA and heliophysics missions (ICON, TIMED, AIM, OSIRIS-REx, WISE, SunRISE, AWE, Roman, PACE). SDL provides engineering and production support for:
Instrument development
Space environment testing
EO calibration
Cameras and detector assemblies
Flight electronics
Thermal management
Small satellite
Deep space radios

SatRevolution S.A.
ul. StabBowicka 147
WrocBaw, Dolnoslaskie, 54-066
VAT: PL 8943081944
REGON: 364960301
KRS: 0000635795
Phone: +48 533 325 851 (office)    +48 795 630 974 (cell)
Contact: Grzegorz ZwoliDski
Areas of Expertise: Leading Space company in Poland providing R&D, manufacture, assembly, integration and testing for Spacecrafts and Innovative Scientific Instruments (eg. MEMS based, EO, segmented aperture instruments, Aurora observation, propulsion). SR is cooperating with the most advanced laboratories and Universities in Europe. - 3 satellites on orbit, next 4 will be launched this year (EO, IOD, scientific)

Heliospace Corporation
932 Parker St., STE 2
Berkeley CA 94710
Phone: 415-234-0350
FAX: 510-369-2270
Contact: Gregory T. Delory
Areas of Expertise: Heliospace is an established provider of booms, antennas and mechanisms for plasma and fields measurements on both foreign and US science missions, including design, assembly, and test: * RPW antennas on ESA Solar Orbiter * Radar antennas under development for Europa Clipper * Upcoming high volume production of antennas for NASA SunRISE mission * Winner JPL contractor of the year for 2019

Busek Co. Inc
11 Tech Circle
Natick, MA 01760
Phone: 508-655-5565
FAX: 508-655-2827
Contact: Judy Budny
Areas of Expertise: Busek Co. Inc. provides space propulsion and associated systems to NASA, DoD and commercial interests. Busek is a registered manufacturer and exporter with DoS/DDTC and DOC/BIS. For quality management, Busek is AS9100 certified.
Busek has built in-space plasma diagnostic instruments and environmental sensors for several DoD missions. Busek has the capability to produce, calibrate, and test instruments in small or medium volumes. Busek has specialized fabrication, assembly, inspection, and test equipment for space systems.

Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP)
University of Colorado Boulder
1234 Innovation Dr.
Boulder, CO 80303
Phone: 720-427-1575
FAX: 303-492-6444
Contact: Carl Gelderloos, Ph.D.
Areas of Expertise: LASP has full service space-hardware design, development, integration, test, and operations expertise in scientific instruments for remote sensing and in situ measurements in Earth's atmosphere and magnetosphere. LASP has been building and flying space hardware for more than 70 years, including instruments / components on Van Allen Probes, Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS), and Parker Solar Probe.

Space Environment Technologies
528 Palisades Dr., Ste. 164
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272-2844
Phone: 310-573-4185 (office)
Contact: W. Kent Tobiska
Areas of Expertise: Space Environment Technologies (SET) is a global leader providing space weather mitigation instrumentation and cloud-based data applications to government agencies, academia, and the international commercial aerospace industry. SET has built an ecosystem of products and services with our partners that provides leading-edge space physics models, innovative instruments, and unique operational data feeds found nowhere else in the world.

Business Integra Technology Services
2224 Bay Area Blvd.
Houston, TX 77058
Phone: 310-816-6221 Ext. 164 (office)    713-213-8468 (cell)
Contact: Timothy J. Urban, Project Manager
Areas of Expertise: BI is comprised of former program managers and engineers from NASA JSC with an experience base of over 75 years and extensive aerospace industry partnerships. We have a long-standing history with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer collaboration (an ISS charged particle experiment similar to the detector being offered), performing the NASA Shuttle and ISS integration efforts including DDT&E of the instrument's mechanical, thermal, power and data bus interfaces.

282 Century Pl., 1000 Louisville
CO 80027-1676
Phone: 303-993-8039
Contact: Rachel Hauser
Areas of Expertise: ASTRA has deep experience developing and fabricating all of the desired in situ and remote sensing instrument types required for GDC, including all AI&T aspects, calibration requirements, and CubeSat mission heritage on similar instruments, e.g., deployable Langmuir probes, electric field probes, science-grade magnetometers, active and passive RF receivers, EO/IR sensors and active ionospheric sounders.

Advanced Space, LLC
1400 W 122nd Ave #200
Westminster, CO 80234
Phone: 520-404-5725
URL: :
Contact: Thomas Gardner
Areas of Expertise: Interplanetary mission design
Deep Space Navigation
Flight Dynamics Systems
Mission Operations
Mission Systems Engineering
Low Thrust Mission Design
Guidance, Navigation and Control
Flight Software

Emergent Space Technologies, Inc.
7901 Sandy Spring Road
Suite 511
Laurel, MD 20707
Phone: 301-345-1535 101
Contact: George Davis
Areas of Expertise: Mature, TRL 8 flight software for autonomous navigation and control of small satellite constellations. State-of-the-art multi-satellite modeling and simulation software for real-time software-, processors- and hardware-in-the-loop integration and test of flight and ground software. Flight dynamics, including orbit determination and maneuver planning and execution.

Brandywine Photonics
1220 Ward Ave. Suite 250
West Chester, PA 19380
Phone: 484-459-9589
Contact: Joe Kujawski
Areas of Expertise: Soft X-ray cameras (CUPID). Electron Spectrometer Delay Line Detector (MMS).

Radiation Monitoring Devices
44 Hunt Street
Watertown, MA 02472
Phone: 617-668-6800
Contact: Erik Johnson
Areas of Expertise: Radiation Monitoring Devices (RMD) produces materials and instruments for the detection of x-rays, gamma rays, neutrons, and charged particles. RMD produces gamma-neutron sensitive, scintillation crystals CLYC and CLLBC, stand alone or coupled to a photodetector. The staff at RMD consists of a wide range of scientists and engineers pursuing innovative technology solutions for a myriad of applications, such as monitoring space weather conditions.

NASA Glenn Research Center
21000 Brookpark Road MS 49-5
Cleveland, OH 44135
Phone: 216-433-2219
Contact: Sharon Miller
Email: *Preferred contact
Areas of Expertise: Directed atomic oxygen beam testing and analysis. Capability to test materials, components, sensors in a directed beam of mostly neutral atoms under high vacuum. Chamber size can accept test objects up to approximately 1 cubic ft. Cooling or heating can be added.

GATS, Inc.
11864 Canon Blvd., Suite 101
Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-873-5920
Contact: Larry Gordley or Dave Fritts
Areas of Expertise: Space hardware and measurements, atmospheric dynamics modeling

Loft Orbital Solutions
715 Bryant St
Ste 202
San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone: 719-447-5636
Contact: Brian Bone
Areas of Expertise: Loft Orbital offers a modular, low-cost approach to space infrastructure, integrating missions (multi-payload "condo sats" or dedicated missions) around flight-proven ESPA- or ESPA Grande-class LEO buses from a range of bus partners. We are open to teaming with payload/instrument developers who don't wish to invest in vertically-integrated missions, but offer differentiating capabilities to NASA for the GDC portfolio.

Intuitive Machines
3700 Bay Area Blvd. Suite 100
Houston, TX 77058-1159
Phone: 1-281-508-1060
Contact: Peter McGrath
Areas of Expertise: Developing and operating communication networks and transportation systems for scientific payloads to lunar orbit and the lunar surface.