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Geospace Dynamics Constellation (GDC)

Geospace Dynamics Constellation
Phase A Kick-Off
[June 30, 2021]

Participants in the GDC Phase A competition are encouraged to attend the conference. Information will be presented by NASA officials, and participants will have the opportunity to pose questions regarding the opportunity. Please read the Phase A Questions & Answers posted right before the conference, since your question may already be answered.

The conference will be virtual, and participation will be facilitated via Webex and teleconference line. Travel to the pre-proposal conference is not necessary and attendance in person is not supported. The agenda and instructions are posted below.

Time (EDT) Topic Speaker
12:00pm Welcome and Introduction Jared Leisner
GDC Program Scientist
Heliophysics Division, NASA HQ

12:05pm Overview of GDC Phase A Jared Leisner
GDC Program Scientist
Heliophysics Division, NASA HQ

12:45pm General Q&A, Discussion

2:00pm ADJOURN

Geospace Dynamics Constellation, Phase A Kick-off

Recording of this even is not allowed

Meeting Link:

Meeting number (access code): 2763 132 1935
Meeting password: neNZm7z3u*2

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(Please use only if you do not have a working mic on your device)
+1-929-251-9612 [USA Toll 2]
+1-415-527-5035 [US Toll]
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